Nothing is too difficult or complex for Pacific Machine!

Specializing in small, unique production runs.

Steel Loading Ramp following design and fabrication.

Dust plenum during and after construction.

Winch system before and after repair.


Our name, Pacific Machine, designates our Fundamental area of Expertise - Machining. Our in-shop equipment and personnel are skilled in both manual and CNC production machining using our SolidWorks Design software and MasterCam Machining software. Our industry-standard software enables us to meet a wide range of customer needs from single to multiple parts using CNC Machine Center and CNC Lathe. From equipment repair to total rebuild, we can handle all of our customer’s requirements.


Our combination of Design Software, machine and fabrication abilities gives our customers a “one-stop” manufactuRing center.


Pacific Machine’s role as a repair shop provides us with the surplus capacity to handle small, unique production runs of machined parts. We specialize in production runs starting with a single prototype up to hundreds of units. Our repair business has shown us how much our customers value short lead times and fast turnaround.


Our experience spans a wide and varied industrial base, including the rebuild and manufacturing of components for the harsh environments of foundries, concrete mixing, and earthmoving equipment. Pacific Machine can handle the large and cumbersome components used in the ship building and ship repair industry. We have extensive experience repairing equipment for the hyper-clean and downtime-intolerant environments demanded by the food processing industry. We can repair the delicate and precision equipment used in custom and production cabinet shops as well as the equipment used for corrosive and highly-stressed paper manufacturing and plastics extrusion.

Each of these jobs comes with its own unique requirements. They can be as simple as a worn bearing journal requiring a weld build-up and machined to a precision fit. Or, as complex as equipment requiring complete disassembly, reverse engineering, and manufacturing of new components. Quality, budget and equipment down-time are always our top priority.